Leg One – On The Wander

November 14 – Bardstown to Bloomfield for lunch.  To Danville for a little beverage at Gypsy Run Brewery.  Well made beers.  Plenty of hops in the Hoplanta.  Roasty Brown Ale was probably my favorite.  Friendly crowd of mature gentlemen for a Monday afternoon.  Ended the night in Somerset at one of the most unique breweries, Tap on MainBar and brewery are in former carwash of a Valero Gas Station.  Great outdoor patio wraps around back side of gas station.  They sell a lot of Miller Lite and Bourbon.

November 15 – On to visit Tom at the Challenger Learning Center in HazardLot of upgrades and updates.  Complete redo of the mission control center looks great.  Still putting in all the new exhibits, but looking fantastic.  Impress the class there that day.  Took Hwy 11 through the hills to stay the night at my favorite Kentucky state park lodge, Pine Mountain.  Wonderful  view even on a cloudy day.  Even the elk was getting ready for Christmas.

November 16 – Through Cumberland Gap tunnel headed toward Lawrenceville, GA to visit John.  Lunch-stop at Blackhorse Brewing in Knoxsville.  Solid Red (Barnstomer) and Pale (McGee’s) Ales, but the highlight was Cheddar Pimento Cheese dip with Tomato Jam.  Props to WIMZ Classic Rock station out of Knoxsville.  Strange Tacos with the Mousers

November 17 – Visit with the Mousers and then on to cousin Bradley in Alpharetta, GA.  Wonderful wandering walk along the Chattahoochee.  Park system on long river is impressive.  Quick stop in at Jekyll Brewing. Medal winning Oktoberfest was spot on.  Kolsch and IPA solid.  Atlanta area traffic sucks.

November 18 – Another hike on the Chattahoochee at the National Park section.  Nice changes in elevation and great views of the river.  Picked up my life time Senior pass.  Atlanta area traffic sucks.  Headed to Florence, AL by way of Huntsville.  Brief stop at River Remedy Brewing in Rome.  Brewer has really done some hacks to efficiently create a great place to drink beer.  Yes, that is a regular window air-conditioning unit powering his home-engineered walk in.  Huntsville has major brewing scene.  Mad Malts Brewery and Tap Room is function of form (see feature photo for entrance).  Beers are really good.  Yellowhammer Brewing is the star of brewery row with an impressive line up.  Helles and Dunkel did not disappoint.  Pizza kept me going.  Straight to Ale Brewing is located in a former middle school with the brew facility in the gym.  Lots of fruity, sour, things.  Then there is Innerspace Brewing Co for rocket scientists and alien fans.

November 19 – Started the day in Florence, AL with complete workout and 90-minute hike in the Shoals Creek Nature Preserve.  Creek crossings and paths along the river.  Singing River Brewery provided a spot to sample some beers and catch up on the UK and WKU games.  Most of the other people interested in Auburn and Georgia.  Little Muscle Shoals music at Flobama Music Hall.

November 20 – Quick drive-by of the Indian Mound.  Breakfast with Elvis in Tupelo.  Visit to The Grove in Oxford and on to Clarksdale and Cleveland.  Need to visit The Grove on game day.  Will be back to Clarksdale in April for the Juke Joint Festival.  Not much happening this Sunday night.