Leg Three – Head West to Texas But Stop for the Dancing.

Added photos from Friday November 25 – Picking up Hazel at doggy day care.  We could only wish to be Hazel.  Dinner at R&O’s.

Saturday November 26 – Take Trudy to airport and spend the morning with the relatives.  Margaret and Kevin put out the red carpet.  Rebecca and Pat are always entertaining.  Great to meet all the kids.  Wandered through the swamp west of New Orleans and visited one of the culinary treasures of the world.  Really interesting property and process.  Made it to the Crawfish Capital of the World Saturday night for a little Cajun music at La Poussiere Dance Hall.  Girls and boys had their best on for three hours of dancing.  No, I could not get the one-two-slide-shuffle and they had some pretty good dancers.

Sunday November 27 – Per Kevin’s recommendation visit Don’s Specialty Meats outside of Lafeayette for some boudin, balls and cracklin.  Boudin was excellent.  Doughy crawfish balls my favorite.  You can keep cracklin.  Hit the Interstate for the first time on the trip.  Highway 10 from Lafayette to Houston is basically a bridge of hell though through the US petrochemical industry.  Houston sucks, even on Sunday, and life did not get to normal until I could get off the highway south of Victoria.  Stopped in Port Aransas at Dog Gone Brewery for a couple and then Nueces Brewing in Corpus Christi for a little dinner and a beer.  Headed on to Padre Island.  Caught a little late-night music on the beach at the Salty Dolphin.  And I think I may have levitated.

Monday November 28 – Work out with the hammer overlooking the fogged in beach.  Walked a couple miles and really felt the moisture.  Helped this guy land a red fish.  I held the pole while he ran down the rocks and grabbed the fish.  Believe he thought I was going to take credit.  Stopped at Snoopy’s for some crab cakes on the way out.  Hit Railroad Brewing to help my flight to friends Rand and Pattie’s house in Kingsville.  Had not seen Rand and Pattie since their wedding a few decades back.  Caught up and Rand had some UK basketball and football games recorded.  So, I drove to Kingsville, TX to watch a UK basketball game.  Also watched the UL vs UK football game.  UL looked a lot better than I thought they would.  Guess we still have Satterfield (hope I didn’t miss anything back east).

Tuesday November 29 – Rand took me to eat at the Kingsville Pharmacy.  We visited the King Ranch Store.  The King gift shop.  Later that night we went to the Riviera vs King Ranch High School basketball gave. Rand’s grandson plays for Riviera where Pattie grew up.  Seahawks will get them next time.  High cold winds scrapped my plans to camp on the beach on Padre Island so I went north towards Fredricksburg.  Stopped for a bit in Hondo, home to many a rodeo cowboy.  Great barbeque pizza and a refreshing Shiner at The Dough Joe.  Stopped for a couple at Bandera Brewery which has the coolest logo and garden patio in the world.  Stopped in to Fredricksburg Brewery for a salad (no really).  Had not eaten anything green unless you count fried okra with gravy.  They have fantastic beer hall as do a lot of places in this very German town.

  Little music at the Pioneer and one amazing Pumpkin shot to cap off the night.

Wednesday November 30 – Spent a good part of the day visiting the Museum of the Pacific War.  Admiral Nimitz grew up in this area.  Had actual mini-sub captured off Pearl Harbor and particularly close to our family a door from the Arizona.

  Good German lunch.  Hit the big city and Alstadt Brewing east of town specializing in German beers.  Fancy cheese ball with a flower to prove I go to fancy places.  Headed few miles down the road to Luckenbach for the nightly jam session.

A little behind on the posts.  Time and internet not always available.  Next Leg Is Big Bend National Park so lots of beautify country to come.  But I am already on to Santa Fe today.