Leg Five – Santa Fe Trail of Green Chiles

Tuesday December 6 – The Subaru was dead.  Somebody, no names, had left the overhead light on.  Tried the old AAA card in my wallet that said it had expired.  Thanks, Teresa for signing up and keeping it current. Beautiful day to wait in the parking lot.  Quick boost from T&K Diesel & Towing and off to Roswell.  After extensive research on alien activity apparently aliens came to earth for donuts and ice cream.  Makes sense.  This place looks like it might have good bar-b-que.  Brisket please.  This Panoramic has both a nearly full moon and sunset.  Guy at Santa Fe Brewing recommended El Ray Motel which turned out to be fantastic.

  Visited Rowley Farmhouse Ales brewing close by.  Selection of really good beer and lovely charcuterie board.

Wednesday December 7 – Should have known Sun Mountain Trail would involve elevation.  At least trail was clearly marked and smooth.  Nice view of Santa Fe.  

Refueled at Second Street Brewery.

While strolling downtown looking for a spot that promised music I noticed a marque, “The Mavericks Christmas Show”.  Got one of the last tickets.

Thursday December 8 – Walked historic downtown area.  Spent reflection time in the oldest church structure in America, San Miguel Chapel built in 1610.  Nice square, art, history and tons of turquoise jewelry sold by middle eastern merchants.  Wonderful cheese enchiladas lunch at the La Fonda Hotel recommended by John Mouser.  Listed to a nice jazzy band with the best name ever, Half Pint and the Growlers.

Friday December 9 – Headed east with stop at Pecos Pueblo National Site.  One of oldest settlements and major trading post.  Views from the Indian Kiva worship rooms as well as the Spanish mission church.

  Settlement sits on high ground in gap between Rio Grande Valley and Norther Plains.  Some people have dark clouds follow them.  I have an orange one following me down the mountain.  Stopped for the night at one of the retro hotels along Route 66.  Safari Motel was a real treat.

Saturday December 10 – Long, straight, narrow road out of New Mexico in to Texas.  Welcome sigh to Texas says, “Drive Friendly, the Texas Way”.  Which means you better go faster or someone will run over you.  They ask you to slow down to 65 in construction zones.  Late lunch at Pondaseta Brewing Company in Amarillo.  My 25th brewery of the trip.  Solid beers including Amber and Bourbon Barrel Stout.  Based on recommendation from bartender at Paondaseta went to Goldenlight looking for music and got treated to Rock/Punk/Country band that was popular in the 80’s-90’s around the Texas Panhandle, The Blue Johnnies.


Bonus photos