Home Tap List

Holy Cannoli

Since bars and brewery taprooms are closed during this health crisis, the home brewer’s home tap selection is playing an even more critical role for individual family members and properly socially distant neighborhoods across this great land.  If you believe social media, and social media may actually get this one correct, there is increased alcohol consumption.  So as a socially responsible brewer, here is my Home Tap List.

Holy Cannoli – oats and brown sugar give this bohemian pilsner a little added love.  Perfectly crushable for that European trip in your mind.  ABV 5.5%, IBU 28.


George – this Dark Mild British Ale almost qualifies as a Porter with Kentucky Sorghum that not only gives the beer a beautiful dark color, but also a hint of fig.  ABV 4.5%, IBU 18.

NeighborLee – spicy, hoppy, happy Rye Pale Ale with loads of Cascade and Columbus.  Brewed and named for my neighbor Lee and my other neighbor Lee.  ABV 6%, IBU 116.

George and George – from the limited bottle series we have Dark Mild British Ale aged on Old Forester soaked oak chips.


And because the neighbors are consuming more…coming soon.  Rock Fence Irish Red, Last Waltz Vienna Lager and a replacement NeighborLee (Lee and Lee are big fans).

Rock Fence Irish Red on the way to carbination.