Reminders: Officer Nominations and Yappy Hour Recipes Due Friday


Just wanted to remind everyone about a couple of things. 

First, officer nominations are still open!  If you like LAGERS and want it to grow, consider nominating yourself. Officially, the only position with nobody nominated is President. BUT! If that is too much of a commitment for you, please just email us at and we’ll find something for you!  We just need people willing to dedicate some time to keep the club going. We’ll make up a title for you 🙂

Second, you have until this Friday at midnight to submit recipes for Yappy Hour!  Yappy Hour normally has at least a few dozen beers, and right now we only have five submissions.  We need you to step up and brew a beer!  All your supplies are paid for by ABW.  It will help generate donations for the Humane Society of Louisville.  No excuses, sign up today!  CLICK HERE to submit a recipe.