Let’s Get Funky at Cumberland

Brandon Schaefer brewed his ‘So Funkdafied’ Belgian Ale recipe at Cumberland Brews recently.  It is part of head brewer, JD Vasher’s efforts to add more variety to Bardstown Road microbrewery’s line up.

With lots of Pilsner, a little Caravienne, Candi Syrup, Cane Sugar, Hallertau, East Kent Golding and interesting yeast combinations, Brandon has created a drier, hoppier Orval- like Belgian Ale.  Or as he likes to describe it, “…a funky dry hopped thing of wonder.”

JD anticipates tapping ‘So Funkdafied’ around Derby time.  Details on the party to follow.  @proostbrewery, @cumberlandbrews, @lagershomebrewclub, @jdlonghammer